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Vincent Benintende

Vince has worked with Peter since 1986. He began his career in the assessment field in 1986 as an assessor within the Equalization Unit within the Department of Finance. There, he assisted in developing the guidelines in which the field assessors utilized in valuing properties for assessment purposes. In addition, he was in charge of analyzing all the assessors’ values within the Borough of Staten Island. Vince developed into one of the top employees of this unit and later became responsible for overseeing major property assessments in Manhattan. In addition he attended and defended assessments for the Department of Finance at Tax Commission hearings.

In 1993, Vincent joined Mr. Hucke at the Poer Organization as a Senior Consultant. His vast knowledge and experience in the field of assessments gave the Poer Organization additional creditability in the field. At Poer, Vince oversaw the appeal process which included but was not limited to the application process, scheduling of the hearings with the tax commission, petition process and refunds. In addition, he attended hearings on all types of properties and was the local Management Information System coordinator.

Vince in the year 2000 joined Stroock as a Chief Assessment Specialist. He had a similar role at Stroock as he had at Poer. Vincent prepared all applications, reviewed for quality control, attended both Tax Commission and Pre-trial hearings, and reconciled refunds and other problems with the City that relate to the property tax field.

Robert Palmer

Robert began his career in assessments in 1987 in the Real Property Assessment Bureau as an Assistant Assessor with the City of New York. As an Assistant Assessor, his main responsibilities were to inspect properties that were either altered, or newly constructed, assist assessor with the valuation process and responsible for the input of assessment changes that were implemented by the assessor.

In 1992, Bob joined the Marin F. Poer Company as an Assistant Tax Consultant. At Poer, He was involved with many tasks. He was in charge of the tax refund process, assisted with valuations of assessments and attended tax commission hearings as an advocate to clients. In addition, he assisted with the preparation of the Real Property Tax Audit forms that are required by the Law Department to ascertain a pre-trial hearing, and assisted with the completion of the entire Tax Commission process.